Deliver excellence in total integrated facility management services, surpassing the expectations of our customers and stakeholders.


To be the ultimate provider of total integrated facility management service throughout Africa.


Highly motivated and focused professionals. Focused on ethics, excellence, superior quality and value-for-money.

Professional Team

Experienced, Focused & Quality Oriented.

24/7 Services

With our IFM Services. Your Property is taken care of 365/24/7.

Value for Money

Quality work at affordable rates.


Why Us?

We’re the only company in Tanzania that provides the full spectrum of Total Integrated Facility Management Services; With a diverse, experienced and professional team of 100+ personnel we maintain various industrial and commercial facilities.

  • Well Educated and Professional Team.
  • Years of Experience.
  • Passion for IFM.
  • Affordable.

Property Management Company of The Year 2023

We are honored to be recognized and awarded The Property Management Company of the Year 2023 award from the prestigious Africa Company of the Year Awards (ACOYA)

We thank all our staff as we couldn’t have reached where we are without their dedication.


Our Services

Leave your building to the professionals. While you focus on your core business.

The responsibility of all supporting service functions is in our hands. As your Integrated Facility Service provider we manage all service deliveries, administration, operational, technical management, integrations, innovations and provides strategic support to our client organization.

This means that instead of having several external service partners working with various service deliveries, everything is integrated into one solution.

Working with us can give rise to economic benefits and cost-efficiencies, due to multitasking of employees, integration of back-office functions, volume discounts, training volumes, and so on.

Integrated Facility Management


If Integrated Facility Management is too much for you and you simply need Property Managers. Then as your property managers we will:

Ensure that your property is known to the market through our platforms which will help in selling or renting of property.

We’ll also manage the allocation and space planning of the property in line with the clients priorities and strategic vision.

We’ll also support in collection of rent, payment of statutory tax, maintenance and utility management.

You’ll only need one partner for all your property needs.

Property Management

We can open the doors to a whole new world for you with our Renovation and Interior Design Team. We have an in-house team of designers, engineers (Civil, Electrical and Mechanical) and managers that will make sure we deliver beyond your expectations.

We also specialise in sound proofing and insulation works be it for conference halls, Studios or Cinemas. We use special for purpose built acoustic panels, rafts and baffles to not only bring out the aesthetics but also the functionality and result of our applications.

With focus on quality materials, exquisite finishing, team work and dedication. We ensure that our projects will surpass the expectations of our clients.

Construction Services

We have a skilled team of engineers that can execute the Design, Installation, Testing and Commissioning for technical projects.

Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Extraction Systems.

Fire Fighting Systems for offices, server rooms and data centers.

Plumbing and Drainage for residential and commercial properties.

Fabrication and Carpentry – Furnitures, acoustic solutions, stair cases, gates and more.

Electrical & Mechanical Systems like Generators, Sub-Station Maintenance, Installation and Testing.

Technical Services

Sanitation and Environment, Health and Safety are of utmost importance to us as service providers and to our clients. We are OSHA Certified and have an EHS Officer in our Team that makes sure that we work safely and in the standards required. He has the authority to stop any work if it goes agains our policies.

We provide cleaning, landscaping and gardening services for residential and commercial properties and companies that require our services. We use original and professional machinery for our services. We also do work over the weekend so we don’t bother our clients over the weekdays.

We can provide you a one-time service or sign you up for an annual maintenance contact that will ensure your property is clean all the time.

Sanitation Services

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