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We are a Class 02 Electrical Contractor registered with the Contractor Registration Board (CRB) with Registration No. E2/42/11/2021.

We have an experienced team of 21 Engineers and Technicians on full time employment. Our team has experience in HV and LV for Installations, Maintenance and Condition Monitoring.

We can help you with the following services:

  • Consultancy on project execution
  • BOQ for projects
  • Supply of required Spares / New Installations
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts (HV & LV)
  • Condition Monitoring Contracts (Thermal / Power  / Earthing and more.)
  • Hire of specialized measurement equipment’s
  • Electrical risk analysis
  • Training on electrical safety for non electrical professionals or workers.

We cover the full spectrum in electrical services with the support of our experienced team; We have the capability to consult and work hand in hand with the clients to get the most optimal electrical solutions.

As electrical contractors we are partners with the best in the world Schneider Electric and Vertiv. We can support our clients with a vast range of spares / new installations in both the HV and LV spectrum.

For projects that require local supply of material we have partnered with many local suppliers where we vet their products only then recommend to our clients.

As Class 02 Electrical Contractors we can handle both HV & LV projects from small to large scale. We have an in-house team of 21 electrical engineers and technicians that are always there to support our clients and execute projects.

We have done installations of Generators, Switchgears, AVRs to Installation and termination of MV Cables, Installations of DB and Change Over Panels and more.

Please feel free to contact use for any electrical installation works you have small or big. We will be there to support you.

Being an Integrated Facility Management Service Provider.

We are experts in the Maintenance Field. Our team supports clients like The Aga Khan Hospital, Airtel Tanzania, Ericsson Tanzania, High Commission of India and more.

We handle both the Preventive and Corrective Maintenance though our diverse team of Engineers and Technicians.

We also have an in-house facility management system that keeps track and reports on all the works done and schedules and send reminders on the maintenance to be conducted.

We offer both the Comprehensive (Supply spares included) and Non-Comprehensive (Supply of spares on client) Annual Maintenance Contracts. These contracts can be for specific technical service say Electrical or Mechanical only OR  that encompass compete technical facility services Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing / Drainage (MEP); Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditionings (HVAC) Services.

Our aim is to have the client focus on their core service while we handle all their technical needs to ensure that there are no downtimes on the operations.

Condition monitoring strengthens your maintenance and reliability program by:

Gain continuous, always-on monitoring of assets
When internet-enabled devices are connected to software, real-time measurements are automatically aggregated around the clock. Data is stored in the cloud where it is assigned to assets and organized for users to review.

Identify the root cause faster
Teams can swiftly troubleshoot assets using different condition monitoring devices, such as vibration sensors or power monitors. Compare measurements over time to quickly pinpoint abnormalities.

Monitor equipment safely from anywhere
Connect your people and assets with remote sensors and mobile access. Measurements from wireless sensors are automatically sent to the cloud without human intervention or error. Teams can access data remotely from smart devices anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Condition monitoring benefits
Condition monitoring programs allow teams to move from reactive to predictive maintenance. Aggregating around-the-clock measurements provides teams with a clear picture of asset health and performance without expending labor.

A condition monitoring program can also:
• Decrease maintenance costs
• Improve downtime response
• Move teams to condition-based maintenance
• Save costs on prematurely changed resources

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