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Integrated Facility Management Service Provider

A partner you can depend on, for all your property needs.

To set new standards of ethics and excellence in delivering total integrated facility management services to our customers focusing on superior quality and value-for-money for both residential and commercial properties by employing a team of highly motivated and focused professionals.


Deliver excellence in total integrated facility management services, surpassing the expectations of our customers and stakeholders.


To be the ultimate provider of total integrated facility management service throughout Africa.


Highly motivated and focused professionals. Focused on ethics, excellence, superior quality and value-for-money.


As Integrated Facility Management demand increases, we have ensured that DMTL has that ability to deliver all or most of the service offerings through our own team.

It is of the utmost importance for ensuring both the quality and efficiency of the solution. By managing our own staff, we are in a much better position to control, govern and manage each and every part of the services carried out.

We never have to rely on third-party subcontractors to perform at the same high level we do. In the case the service is to be subcontracted then it is monitored and managed with our own staff ensuring equal levels of quality.

DMTL in Numbers (Jan 2022)

  • Team
  • Clients
  • Projects
  • Properties
  • Apartments Managed
  • Million Litres of Water Treated per Month
  • Tonne of Waste Managed per Month
  • Acres of Commercial and Industrial Facilities Managed
  • Customer Satisfaction Percentile
  • Electrical Team
  • Mechanical Team
  • HVAC Team
  • Sanitation Team
  • Fumigation Team
  • Landscaping and Gardening Team
  • Civil Team
  • Management Team
  • Tanzania City Presence

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